Jay's 2024 Summer Reading Lists!

Jay Fung

So many books, so little time. This pretty much sums up a big part of my life. Try as I might, there seems to never be enough time to get to all of the books that I would like to read, to know and to love. Quite a few years ago, a parent came into the library and asked about summer reading and did I have any books that I could recommend for her son who only liked particular books. I shared some books with her in an email. Apparently, she shared it with other parents. I got more and more requests for other recommendations. This morphed into the Winter and Summer Reading Lists. If you are encountering these lists for the first time, the crucial piece of information you need to know is that this is non-required reading for all students. I believe that vacation should be a vacation from assignments and such. In other words, it should be fun. But books are fun, right? Yes, that’s what these lists are for - enjoyment, pure and simple. We enjoy all sorts of books, don’t we? Funny stories that make us laugh, happy endings that give us hope, sad stories that fill us with emotions, simple and complex stories that affirm why life is easy and hard, then, everything in between. It is my hope that you and your children will find books that you like across a wide spectrum. There are three of the usual lists that I compile: one for Lower School ages, one for Upper School ages, and another for Grown Up ages! This year I also added another list of some of my favorites. This all started with a student asking me about my favorite book and I couldn’t just pick one. I shared a few of them with different classes and more people asked for a list and well, here is another one! Also, there are suggested ages for the LS and US lists. These are only to help parents with some framing of content. In other words, use your discretion. Of course, if you have any questions over the summer, please feel free to email me at jfung@manhattancountryschool.org I promise I will answer at some point!
ONE LAST VERY IMPORTANT THING! - Please look around at home and bring back any books that belong to the library. Thank you!
Key for kinds of books:
PB - Picture Book
ER - Early Reader
ECB - Early Chapter Book
CB - Chapter Book
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