Manhattan Country School's annual Farm Outing Day at the MCS Farm.

Academics at MCS

Manhattan Country School has a dynamic, progressive academic program that prepares students to become confident leaders who work both independently and collaboratively with others. Our purposeful, hands-on approach to learning is evident throughout the MCS experience - from science investigations in Central Park and shop classes to the Social Justice Data Fair and Farm trips.

Social justice resides at the core of the curriculum. Teachers find intentional and creative ways to integrate the values of a working democracy, including interdependence, self-reliance, free inquiry and a respect for differences, in every subject. As a foundation, the essential knowledge and skills that we focus on at MCS prepare students to develop an understanding of their place in our constantly changing world. Our vision is that children will be able to challenge, ask questions and be active participants in the society in which they live.

Students graduate from MCS transformed by their academic education and social experiences. MCS provides a safe environment for students to understand their multifaceted identities and learn to embrace their voice.

Academic Mission

Examples of core foundational academic skills built intentionally over time 
  • Learning about patterns and estimation in 6-7s' math lays the foundation for the critical thinking and analytical skills demonstrated in the 7th and 8th grade Social Justice Data Fair projects 
  • Personalized reading groups and independent journaling in the Lower School give students the confidence they need to write their autobiographies or do comparative analysis of literature in the Upper School 
  • The 4-5s home visits teach children about how they are alike and different, and the 7-8s Family Study, set the foundation for the 9-10s immersive immigration project and the 7th and 8th grade study of history and society through the lens of oppressed, marginalized, and colonized groups. 
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