Then the hand seeks other hands to help, A community of hands to help. Thus the dream becomes not one man’s dream alone, But a community dream. - Langston Hughes, Freedom’s Plow
Manhattan Country School’s founding commitment to equity and authentic socioeconomic diversity is reflected in its enrollment and supported by a radical financial model which includes a sliding-scale tuition program that enables all enrolled families to pay tuition based on their means. As a result, about sixty-five percent of our annual operating expenses are covered by tuition revenue. 

We rely on four main fundraising revenue streams to meet the remainder of our budget each year:

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  • Annual Fund

    Gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted and are applied directly to general operating expenses at MCS and the MCS Farm and help us to meet annual operating expenses not covered by tuition revenue. These expenses include staff salaries and benefits, classroom supplies, and facility maintenance. All gifts are tax-deductible and are received, recorded and acknowledged by the MCS Advancement Office.
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  • Major Gifts

    At MCS, contributions of $10,000 or more are categorized as "Major Gifts." These substantial donations constitute 80% of the total annual fundraising revenue, playing a vital role in supporting Manhattan Country School's annual operating expenses. All contributions are fully tax deductable and are received, documented, and acknowledged by the MCS Advancement Office. Click Here to Donate Now 
  • Big Night Out! (Event + online auction)

    Big Night Out! is MCS’ annual spring gala where our community comes together to celebrate our core values and honor members within and outside our community who embody them. The gala takes place at an off-site venue and includes cocktails, dinner, live music, dancing, an awards ceremony and online auction. Guests must be 21+ to attend. Click here for more details.
  • Farm Festival (Event)

    Farm Festival is a family-friendly annual street fair staffed by parent volunteers  which takes place on the third Saturday of October, rain or shine. Open to the general public, Farm Festival includes rides, live entertainment, games and crafts as well as a curated selection of foods, farm-fresh produce, handmade goods, a marketplace for clothing and books and a raffle. In addition to being a fun community building event, MCS Farm Festival is an important fundraising event that supports academic programs at our main campus on West 85th Street and the MCS Farm in the Catskills. Click here for more details.
Going to MCS has been one of the most important influences in my life…In a very demonstrable way it exposed me to the whole world of New York City. That has shaped everything that I have done in my adult life.
- Alicia Glen ’80, Founder & Managing Principal at MSquared

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