Maiya Jackson

Carmine Branagan


The civil rights movement sparked the revolutionary idea that an intentionally diverse independent school could be the educational foundation for equity and justice.

Many years later, this dream thrives at Manhattan Country School. We have been unwavering in our pursuit of anti-racism and social justice, and today we proudly stand as one of the most diverse educational institutions in New York City. 

Manhattan Country School is an innovator in progressive education, cultivating a safe space for children to form their identities and to think critically and empathically as they learn to challenge the world around them. Academic excellence goes beyond the accumulation of knowledge. It is supported by an authentically rigorous curriculum that supports students to think more deeply, embrace diverse perspectives, and take intellectual risks. 

On our upstate farm, students engage in continuous learning — locating the origins of our food, experiencing the interdependence of nature, developing self-reliance and practicing teamwork. It offers a valuable break from the hustle of city life, providing a unique perspective on time and space while nurturing a profound appreciation of sustainability. 

Both of us have long-standing connections to this school. Carmine, who came here as the parent of an alumna, has recently returned to MCS to bring her non-profit leadership experience to advancement, enrollment, finance, and operations. Maiya, who focuses on the academic program, joined MCS in 2004 and has worked in high school placement, taught sixth grade, and served as the Upper School Director for many years. 

We enter into this unique co-leadership model with a deep commitment to the values and mission of the school. Both of us know that there is no other school with the intellectual depth and fierce commitment to community and belonging we have here. We are excited for you to see the magic of MCS for yourself. Call us, come see us. You would be most welcome!


Maiya Jackson and Carmine Branagan
Co-Heads, Manhattan Country School
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