List of 10 news stories.

  • “Compostable” plastic is not compostable (and not recyclable either)

    “Compostable” plastic is hugely in fashion nowadays. Companies are turning to bioplastics as plastic pollution is increasingly damaging their reputation, and therefore, their sales. But is it really as promising as it sounds?
  • Alumna Participates in "Voices of a People's History" Event

    Akemi Kochiyama '85 participated in a “Voices of a People’s History” discussion and performance Lincoln Center Presents event at the David Rubenstein Atrium Thursday.
  • MCS joins the “Bring Your Own Container” movement and you can too!

    Have you noticed this new sticker on the MCS front door recently? 

    This is MCS’ latest addition to long-standing efforts to reduce single-use plastics on premises. Awarded for the first time to a school by It’s Easy Being Green, an UWS-based non-profit, it recognizes MCS community’s track record of zero waste initiatives such as the annual Farm Festival and Farm Outing Day, and aims to reduce plastic pollution.
  • Sixth-Grade Poets Prepare for Black Lives Matter Assembly

    To help our sixth graders prepare for the Upper School Assembly during Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action, Greg Miranda, a Manhattan Country School parent, shared how he discovered poetry. 

    He performed several poems and answered student questions. In his verses, he made references to Kendrick Lamar, Batman, Wu-Tang Clan, Thor, Darkwing Duck, and Beyonce.   

    “Sharing your voice, your story, your truth, to the world is extremely important and poetry is a way of doing that,” Greg said. “Authenticity is crucial. You don't want to write something that doesn't represent you or represent your childhood or your upbringing or what you've gone through."
  • Plastic is Not Just Toxic for the Environment

    These were the findings of a new study by researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, who used breakthrough techniques to precisely identify and count the plastic particles in bottled water. In their January 9, 2024 report, researchers stated that, “on average, a liter contained some 240,000 detectable plastic fragments 10 to 100x greater than previous estimates.”
  • Eighth Graders Ready for 36th Annual MLK March

    [Click here for the 2024 MLK March route and schedule of speakers.]

    Amanda said she is freaking out a little about delivering her speech when it is her turn among her classmates at our 36th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative March tomorrow. Writing the speech was easier.
    “Honestly, we do so much writing during the year that we were pretty prepared,” she said. “I’m really passionate about my topic so it didn’t feel so much like work.”
    These last two weeks, our eighth graders revised and practiced delivering their speeches. They have about two and a half pages or between five and eight minutes for the climactic moment in front of our gathered community and the public. The speeches could be considered the culmination of their time at Manhattan Country School.
  • Sixth-Grade Artists Reach for Community in New Exhibit at MCS

    Manhattan Country School’s newest art exhibition, “Escape the Mold: MCS Hands Reach for Community” is now on view on the third floor for students and staff. It features 29 sixth-grade artists working with plaster wrap, acrylic paint, and found objects to create sculptures cast from their own hands. 
    Themes explored include friendship, peace, community, consumerism, and sports. Attached to bases and displayed, each hand seems to hint at a larger supernatural being emerging from a portal on the wall it is mounted to or table it is sitting on.
  • Learn All About Community Composting and More!

    Knowledge is power, and understanding the importance of composting as a way to achieving sustainability and maintaining a liveable planet is key. 
    As we have been reporting, budget cuts have decimated the community composting community despite the fact that composting is scheduled to become mandatory throughout the entire city by fall of 2024. Learn more about this paradox at one of the four Compost Teach-Ins being hosted by Save Our Compost Coalition.
  • Anick Pleven '75 (left) and Ashley Fetters Maloy (Right)

    Fifth Graders Prepare for Newspaper Project

    For their first major writing unit of the year, the fifth-grade newspaper, our fifth graders faced a Friday deadline for submitting a story topic to their teachers, Bea and Katie. After winter break they will work on the format for their stories, which experts they will interview, what questions to ask, and how to get past the editing process.
    Bea and Katie encouraged students to stay close to their community in deciding on story ideas. Sacha, in fifth-grade Norte, plans to interview a Holocaust survivor, a friend's grandfather. Molly will explore the world of musical theater.
  • Students and Families Advocate for Community Composting

    After studying sustainability issues and visiting community organizations targeted by city budget cuts, fifth graders made signs and marched along Upper West Side streets in support of community composting programs.
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