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  • Jay's 2024 Summer Reading Lists!

    So many books, so little time. This pretty much sums up a big part of my life. Try as I might, there seems to never be enough time to get to all of the books that I would like to read, to know and to love. Quite a few years ago, a parent came into the library and asked about summer reading and did I have any books that I could recommend for her son who only liked particular books. I shared some books with her in an email.
  • Lower School Researchers Meet with Make the Road New York

    Our 9-10s asked a lot of questions, many rooted in their thirst for data. They asked for numbers quantifying the impact of Make the Road New York and also refugee and asylum data broken down by region and country, for instance.

    A Manhattan Country School alumna from the class of 1992, Chloe is the associate development director at Make the Road New York and has been working with the organization for 11 years. Justice, equality, and inclusion are values that both MRNY and MCS share, she said.
  • Eighth Grader Spotlight: Phoebe

    We’re proud of our eighth graders for navigating the high school admissions process and we’re going to start sharing stories.

    Phoebe, who has been at MCS since the 4-5s, asked Nassim, our seventh- and eighth-grade history teacher, to stand next to her when she opened her high school match email. They found out together that she received an offer from Food and Finance High School.
  • SUSTAINABILITY SPOTLIGHT: Cycling fights climate change!

    A Parent-Led Forum (PLF) was presented jointly by the Sustainability Committee and the Racial Justice Committee bringing together authoritative guest experts exploring how the three pillars of the school, namely Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Social Justice & Activism, as well as Farm-Based Education & Sustainability, intersect. The event was a success, with a number of in-person attendees and remote participants joining in to touch upon how racial justice, social justice and environmental justice and closely intertwined and should be addressed in tandem, rather than in isolation.

    To learn more about this topic:
    - Access the recording of the event.
    - Review a bibliographical selection by the organizers:
    - Access the event’s photo album
  • Seventh and Eighth Graders Prepare for State Capital Meetings

    Our student leaders identified proposed legislation they want to support, including the Safer Consumption Services Act, which is a bill to establish an authorization process for overdose prevention centers to open and operate. The bill is sponsored by State Senator Gustavo Rivera, chairman of the New York State Senate Health Committee, who represents the Bronx.

    Our two partner organizations, VOCAL-NY and the Drug Policy Alliance, are excited to go with us to Albany.

    “In fact, the Drug Policy Alliance paid for the bus for us to go up,” Nassim said. “They're really thrilled with what the kids are saying … So, I think the students should be really proud that two of the top organizations in the field are really excited about what they're seeing and want to work with them.”
  • SUSTAINABILITY SPOTLIGHT: Earth Day Events Continue!

    After a very successful clothing swap this past week, the MCS Sustainability Committee is glad to continue its Earth Day celebrations with two more events coming up shortly:
    1. Zero Waste Workshop, Wednesday, April 24, at 6 p.m., MCS Library and community space
    2. Parent-Led Forum (PLF) on racial, social and environmental justice, Wednesday, May 1, at 6 p.m., MCS Library
  • Swiss Educator Visits MCS

    We received a visit from Switzerland today! Nathaniel is the principal at Inter Community School Zürich, an independent, non-profit, English medium, international school running the IB continuum programs for 800 students. They have 50 nationalities and 70 languages spoken at their school!

    About to launch a new strategic plan that is looking at inclusion and belonging and how to create more opportunities for that within his community, Nathaniel planned with today’s visit to explore how we do that here at Manhattan Country School (in addition to discussing sustainability, student agency, artificial intelligence, and other topics.)
  • Dr. Christopher Emdin the MCS Living the Dream Mentor Award Honoree

    At Big Night Out! on April 27 we will honor Dr. Christopher Emdin with our Living the Dream Mentor Award for his work as an educator, writer, speaker, and chagemaker. 

    "My work in education is situated in creating spaces across the world for places that look like and reflect this community," Christoper said on Friday during morning drop-off. "And so for the community to recognize that work and for it to identify me as someone who helps to either reflect, project or embody that work, warms the soul and empowers me to keep doing this work."

    Earth Day is on April 22nd and the Sustainability Committee has organized several events to celebrate our planet, our only home, some of which will be held jointly with the Racial Justice Committee. There is something for everyone, caregivers and children alike, whether you’re already a zero-waste star, or just starting to look into ways to reduce your environmental impact!
  • Eighth Graders Meet Professionals for MCS Mentor Day 2024

    Friday, our eighth graders ventured throughout the city to meet professionals in fields such as medicine, banking and finance, international affairs, sports management, technology, fashion, and psychology.

    Helena said she is focused on her education and hasn’t committed to a career path yet, but she is definitely thinking about her short-term and long-term future. She saw her assigned mentor as a good connection for a potential job someday. And she is also interested in the city’s Summer Youth Employment Program.

    “I'm trying to experience different career paths,” Helena said. “I’m really just trying to find what I like personally and what will be in my best interests … I just want to be happy with what I'm doing in my life.”
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