Welcome to Manhattan Country School!

We are excited to support you on this journey, our goal is to provide many opportunities for you to learn more about our program and vibrant community. 
Our New York City classrooms and farm in the Catskill Mountains provide the perfect environment for our students to participate in an academic program that fosters critical thinking, curiosity, and individuality offering the tools needed at every stage to develop a strong sense of purpose.
We are a private school with a public mission! MCS values are centered on Academic Excellence, Activism, Collaboration, Community, and Sustainability. Our progressive approach brings these values to life supporting a healthy social emotional development in our students. 
We invite you to begin your MCS journey by getting familiar with our Mission, Academic Program, and our commitment to Diversity.
We look forward to getting to know you and your family!
Ingrid Gomez - Director of Admissions and Enrollment
Jenny Eugenio - Assistant Director of Admissions and Enrollment


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