Dr. Christopher Emdin the MCS Living the Dream Mentor Award Honoree

Andres David Lopez
At Big Night Out! on April 27 we will honor Dr. Christopher Emdin with our Living the Dream Mentor Award for his work as an educator, writer, speaker, and chagemaker. 

"My work in education is situated in creating spaces across the world for places that look like and reflect this community," Christoper said on Friday during morning drop-off. "And so for the community to recognize that work and for it to identify me as someone who helps to either reflect, project or embody that work, warms the soul and empowers me to keep doing this work."

Big Night Out! is Manhattan Country School’s annual spring benefit. Revenue raised supports unrestricted operating expenses and the school’s steadfast commitment to sliding-scale tuition. The evening features a cocktail reception, the Living the Dream Mentor Award ceremony, Fund-a-Need, an online auction, dinner and dancing. 

"Big Night Out! is collective community reflection and collective community radical dreaming about what our school could look like," Christopher said. "It is saying that we're going to use our finances, the price of the ticket, to support an institution that is on a mission to do something transformative in the world ... that people put their money where their heart and vision and mind is while caring for each other. So, you know, Big Night Out! is exactly what the theme says. It's our big night to be outside of our norms, to be outside of our labors, to be outside of our stressors, and to reconnect to each other, dream out loud what the next phase of our work could be while supporting the school that we love."
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