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Alumni Return for Read Aloud Pajama Party

Andres David Lopez
In addition to current staff members, parents, and caregivers, Jay recruited alumni for our Read Aloud Pajama Party on Friday. Two of Jay’s former students when he taught second grade at Manhattan Country School 20 years ago, Brandon, from our 2010 class, and Khalil, from our 2012 class, participated as readers.

Both have siblings who Jay also taught. Khalil, who read “Abiyoyo,” smiled reflecting on the impact Jay has made in the lives of children over the course of his career.

Brandon read “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs!” which presents the perspective of the big bad wolf, an interesting case study as our students explore the dangers of a single story or perspective in history throughout their academic career here. Brandon said it was one of his favorite books as a child and he really enjoys how it subverts expectations. 

“This place generally makes you a better reader,” Brandon said about MCS. “It encourages you to read and to seek knowledge and information and to learn. And I think those are all things that we should for sure be teaching children.”

Khalil said MCS taught him to love stories. 

“MCS is just a beautiful community,” he said. “It made me who I am today, which is caring, loving and also very passionate about trying to make a mark and change the world.”
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