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Eighth Grader Leads Elective, Connects with Classmates

Andres David Lopez
Liam, one of our eighth graders, had heard about students at MCS leading elective classes and he never thought he could do it. But we’ve been really impressed with the engagement in his crocheting class this year.

“I'm really happy that people wanted to come join my elective and I'm really proud that they are actually really good at it,” he said.

While students work they also laugh a lot and enjoy each other’s company. Liam said that anyone can learn crocheting and that it has helped him find peace during difficult moments.

At yesterday’s Upper School assembly, he shared the blanket he completed after two months of work. “I’m able to make beautiful things that I’m really proud of,” he said.

Reflecting on his time at MCS, Liam admitted he is sad about this being his last year.

“I've met a lot of people I really care about,” he said. “So, honestly, I have to thank MCS for that.”
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