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A Farm-Based Educational Program where:

Children learn through experiential, hands-on methods. 

Children are engaged daily in cooperative lessons. 

Children are active participants in life. 

Children are viewed and treated as problem solvers. 

All children are encouraged to have a voice in decision-making. 

Children are educated to be socially responsible. 

Children and adults work together cooperatively with a focus on community. 

In a safe environment, children are allowed and encouraged to take both physical and emotional risks. 

Children can investigate theories in broad subject areas using practical methods. 

Kids are physically active in meaningful work and play. 

Children’s play is self-directed. 

Children are expected to reflect on their experiences. 

The Farm community sees students, teachers, and families as equal stakeholders, who strive to create an institution that practices sustainability in all facets.  

A campus where students and teachers are asked to make responsible choices for the future. 

Teachers are encouraged and supported to be life-long learners.  

MCS’s commitment to faculty education and development has been a valued and often used vehicle in enriching our students’ knowledge and experience. 

Teachers are allowed to be autonomous in their daily curriculum, while holding themselves accountable to the mission of the school and the physical, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing of their students. 

The faculty is flexibly creative in its approach to provide for the immediate and long term needs of both children and adults. 

The land is our most significant teacher. 
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