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Sixth-Grade Poets Prepare for Black Lives Matter Assembly

Andres David Lopez
To help our sixth graders prepare for the Upper School Assembly during Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action, Greg Miranda, a Manhattan Country School parent, shared how he discovered poetry. 

He performed several poems and answered student questions. In his verses, he made references to Kendrick Lamar, Batman, Wu-Tang Clan, Thor, Darkwing Duck, and Beyonce.   

“Sharing your voice, your story, your truth, to the world is extremely important and poetry is a way of doing that,” Greg said. “Authenticity is crucial. You don't want to write something that doesn't represent you or represent your childhood or your upbringing or what you've gone through … So, when I write, I write based on what I've gone through, based on what I love, based on the traumas that I’ve had. And that's one way where I use those traumas. I use those stories to share with the world and it helps me be free.”

Greg said he has been inspired by poets such as James Baldwin, and poets from the Harlem Renaissance, especially Langston Hughes. 

Gregorio, Greg’s son, connected him with his teachers for the MCS visit knowing his father could speak on the process of writing and performing poetry. Gregorio transferred from another independent school and is part of our 2026 class. 

Having joined us at our Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative March last month, Greg said he appreciated the passion for social justice issues that our eighth graders displayed.

“As a parent I'm proud,” Greg said. “My wife and I can say we definitely made the right decision. I'm 100% grateful that my son is here. I love the community. I love the teachers. We're constantly in communication. And you can tell there's authenticity and love for the children.”

After Greg’s visit, one of our sixth graders, Kyri, told us he is interested in performing his poetry at the Shrine and helping to start a scene and movement there that celebrates the art. 
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