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Learn All About Community Composting and More!

MCS Sustainability Committee
There are many sources available to learn more about sustainability in the city, and the world. Whether they are free of charge, or come at an affordable cost, or whether they are in person or on virtual platforms, you can find the right fit for your budget and time. 
This film is the perfect “starter course” to launch you and your family into your sustainable journey. The original Story of Stuff movie is a short documentary of just about 20 minutes, and is a must see for the entire family. Lots of additional videos and resources have been developed since then by the Story of Stuff Project.
Formerly known as the Zero Waste Academy, this is a FREE hybrid course led by NYC’s very own Sanitation Foundation in which you will learn everything about waste in NYC. The program for 2024 runs from February 8th through March 21st and applications close Friday February 2, 2024.
This actual college course is a very deep and enlightening (even infuriating!) dive into everything plastic led by the former EPA Regional Administrator under President Obama. The 2024 session runs from April 17th through May 29th. Costs to apply.
Short educational videos, which can be found on YouTube in English and Spanish! 
Learn more about sustainability with these in-depth videos about a variety of topics such as plastic recycling, food waste and more.Each video is about 25 minutes and is worth the time.  
Webinars like these are often available free of charge for anyone to join and learn. This one, on February 20th,  shows how activism can be used to fight big polluting corporations. 
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