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The shop program prepares students to be competent in the basic measurement and design skills of the industrial arts. They gain experience in the practical use of hand and power tools while working with wood, Plexiglas, and other materials. Students plan using paper and pencil as well as computer design programs. Once competent in basic techniques, students may choose to develop their own constructions, work from models, and integrate technology to animate projects. Students are encouraged to build in three dimensions and to try new building and finishing techniques. In the 5th grade, students begin the year with a car design challenge that reinforces design thinking in support of measurable goals. This ends in a friendly race and often students choose to rework or build new cars that better support their desired speed, weight, or other goal. In the 6th grade, students begin the year by building a collaborative project to be used by their class community or the greater school community, such as planters to be used by Lower School science classes in the courtyard or furniture for their classrooms. Other projects include joinery techniques, integration with math and social studies, guest woodworkers, and tech integration. Students also receive plenty of time to build projects of their choice and look forward to sharing their work at the highly anticipated annual Shop Show!
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