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Physical Education

Older students have physical education classes twice a week. They also have weekly times in Central Park for open-ended play and exercise. Seventh and eighth grade students meet their physical education requirement by choosing electives in soccer, track & field, basketball, softball, tennis, yoga, dance, or additional options. The physical education program emphasizes physical fitness and develops motor, social and cognitive skills using drills, exercises, sports and games. The program stresses individual development as well as teamwork and sportsmanship.
In gym classes, Upper School students work on developing overall coordination levels and physical condition. This will be accomplished with individual skill development sessions focused on general fitness, foot speed, endurance exercises, and sport skills. Sports activities include soccer, hockey, football, basketball, Newcomb , punch ball, wiffle ball, track and field, and handball. Dynamic warm-up and coordination exercises help students develop overall flexibility levels. The 6th grade students also participate in class tournaments in soccer and Newcomb/volleyball. 
Manhattan Country School participates in intramural competition through the American International Private School League. MCS teams include junior varsity and varsity soccer, basketball, and track and field. Teams practice regularly in the park or the gym and play games with teams from other schools.

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