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Visual Arts

Our visual arts program stresses the individual, imaginative and artistic potential of each child and encourages the development of self-confidence, self-discovery and self-expression. Activities include drawing, painting, clay, collage, printmaking, fabric arts and other crafts. The art teacher combines a structured approach with encouragement of free expression. Art instruction is not confined to the art room; the art teacher often collaborates on classroom projects along with other disciplines like Spanish and science. Backdrops for plays and sculptures relating to cultural and current events are among the projects displayed around the school. 
Fifth grade and sixth grades attend art classes once a week. Art is one of the required electives for seventh and eighth graders. Those applying to specialized art high schools are given additional individual guidance and instruction in preparing their portfolios.
In the fifth grade, students review and deepen their investigation of previous concepts in art and design. They continue building upon their skills in drawing, painting, collage, and the creation of three-dimensional forms. They are exposed to historical and contemporary art for reference. 
Sixth graders also build upon the art skills they have learned throughout the years. They strengthen their abilities through explorations in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Higher levels of craftsmanship and conceptual thinking are encouraged. The focus for art class is for students to build confidence in their art-making and to expand their creativity and forms of self-expression as visual artmakers. 
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