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Upper School students are expected to work effectively, respectfully, and collaboratively online. Fifth graders are issued Chromebooks in our 1:1 program. They receive a school email account, and access to Google Workspace applications. Fifth graders continue practicing keyboarding skills through various writing assignments. They examine media authorship in television, radio, podcast, print publications, videos, and works of art. They evaluate the veracity of information on the internet and in other media. Fifth graders learn to identify possible content and image manipulations in media in an effort to change their meaning. Students learn about utilizing search engines effectively using phrases, keywords, images and other techniques. They learn to use mapping and satellite data tools to examine current and historical geographic and political boundaries. They also learn to create and interpret graphs and charts using spreadsheet data. In addition to their regular schoolwork, we incorporate discussions about the ethical use of technology, A.I. and social media.

Sixth grade computer classes are full of exciting new challenges. In addition to building upon skills learned in earlier years, sixth graders begin editing images, audio, and video as they become media creators and manipulators. Their ongoing media literacy studies allow them to examine more closely the things that influence and shape information found online and through other media. Internet safety, technology ethics, and responsible behavior online are also topics covered throughout the year. On our MinecraftEDU server, students explore community building, resource management, and issues of ownership of public and private space within virtual environments. 

Sixth graders work towards understanding that all media content has an author and an audience and therefore, a possible agenda. They learn to differentiate between online behaviors that are legal and those that are ethical (legal does not always equal ethical). They are also expected to identify cyberbullying and learn to become an ally in a variety of settings. 

Sixth graders create, edit, and remix video and audio content to deliver messages and ideas. They examine the algorithms and the influence of A.I. behind search engines, and understand the ways in which results can reflect past searches and influence future results. In sixth grade, we explore the hidden values behind the design of some apps (likes, streaks, and following). Students examine issues of image and data ownership, particularly with free apps and services. At all levels they are expected to understand the importance and permanence of their digital footprints.
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