SUSTAINABILITY SPOTLIGHT: Smart Compost Bins come to Upper Manhattan and the Bronx!

Sustainability Committee

In August 2022, NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced the expansion of the composting program, with the ambition that, eventually, it becomes the largest program in the nation. This announcement was particularly welcome as the expansion of the residential compost pickup collection to additional neighborhoods, North of 110th street, had been paused in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In recent weeks however, significant changes were observed, with a large number of “Smart Compost Bins” (the second most convenient option after curbside pickup) surfacing throughout Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.
Smart Compost Bins are available 24/7, so there is no need to check operating hours, they will always be there for you when your compost bin needs to be emptied, and all you need to operate the bin is to download the app from the Android and iOS app stores.
Check out all available locations from this map and see if you have one close to your home or workplace that would work for you.

What gets accepted
Unlike most other food scraps drop-off sites, Smart Compost Bins accept a wide variety of organic waste, including meat, bones and dairy products, as well as soiled paper, tea bags, coffee filters, home plants, in addition – of course – to fruits and vegetables.
This makes the whole sorting process much easier and smoother, for all family members, including our kids, as well as for guests and visitors!
How to participate
Start by downloading the app from the Android and iOS app stores. It will show you all the locations available in your vicinity. When within reach of the bin, the “Unlock bin” button will become available on your phone. Click, and then drop off your scraps
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