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Adjowah K. Scott ‘92

Adjowah K. Scott is a native New Yorker and MCS alumna who has dedicated her life to educating children of all ages around the world. She has a M.S. in Educational Administration and over 20 years of experience in the field. Her deep expertise around pedagogy, and her passion for working with students with significant learning needs, has led her to take on a variety of instructional, administrative, and educational leadership roles in schools and other academic settings. Adjowah has worked in both the public and private sectors as a teacher and an instructional leader and has always remained committed to enhancing the social, emotional and academic development of her students. In 2011, Adjowah co-founded Tech International Charter School, a middle school in the North Bronx, that seeks to create a learning environment that immerses students in experiential learning, introduces new and emerging technologies, and fosters connections with other schools around the world. Adjowah serves as an Alumni Representative to the Board. 
“The vision, promise, and education that MCS provides creates a direct impact on our world.  The actions of alumni demonstrate the powerful influence the school has bestowed. Whether it be understanding and acknowledging your personal worth, the courage to stand up for others, or simply having the critical thinking skills to solve challenging problems- MCS is at the root of these abilities.”
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