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Shop and Technology

  • Computer - Lower School*

    Teaching with technology is distinctive at Manhattan Country School because teachers use technology as a means to an end, rather than teaching the technology itself. Each year they implement new strategies to integrate technology into the curriculum. Beginning in the 8-9s, students have access to computers, laptops, and tablets, which they use for writing, internet research, blogging, presentations, videos, web design, graphic design, photography and to archive their work. They go regularly to the computer lab to practice skills and to work on projects developed jointly by classroom teachers and the educational technologist.

    Teachers use technology to present information in creative, interactive ways. Each year, they implement new strategies to integrate technology into the classroom.
  • Shop Lower School*

    Woodworking instruction prepares students to be competent in the basic measurement and design skills of carpentry. They gain experience in the practical use of hand and power tools, work with wood and Plexiglas and use paper and pencil and computer design programs. Once competent in basic techniques, children may choose to develop their own constructions or work from models. A yearly exhibit of projects-in-progress is a much-anticipated event.

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