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Sustainability and Environmental Justice

  • Sustainability and Environmental Justice*

    Manhattan Country School is committed to the sustainability of our local and global environment through curriculum and practice. We are aware of the interconnectedness of the MCS community and the impact of the school on the earth. The school’s aim is to make decisions based on principles of social and environmental justice. We strive to build awareness of each individual’s role in ecological dynamics and cycles.
    Curriculum in the city and at our award-winning 180-acre farm in the Catskills teaches our students to:  
    • Respect earth and life in all its diversity. 
    • Secure natural and social resources for present and future generations. 
    • Encourage our community to make informed choices regarding sustainability. 
    • Enact policies that reflect our role as stewards of the local and global communities. 
    • Practice the three “R”s - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.
    • Incorporate the three “E”s - Equity, Ecology, Economy.
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