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Posted on Sunday, November 24, 2019
There are several “times” scheduled throughout an MCS Farm day. Meal time, class time, free time, chore time, bed time and quiet time. Quiet time takes place in the late afternoon each day after classes, providing children with the opportunity to reflect on their day, read a letter from home, sketch and regroup from the social needs of the day.  Some quiet times are spent outside on the front porch, near the stream, the big rock, the bottom of Thyme Hill or inside on their bunk. This time of...
Posted on Sunday, November 10, 2019
Students in the 9-10s study the history of immigration in New York City and in the Catskills. During their November Farm trip in Nature Class, the kids explored the Farm’s forest, meadows and pastures looking for historic signs of early settlers. While reading the land, the kids discussed why people chose the Catskill Mountains as a place to settle. Understanding that the mountainous landscape and harsh winters are not ideal for farming, the kids quickly realized that people came here because “...
Posted on Sunday, November 10, 2019
The two 8-9s classes had the responsibility of harvesting the last of the MCS Farm's fruits and vegetables of the season. They also began to put the gardens to bed. Vigorously, the students cleared two beds full of sweet potatoes, bushels of carrots and the last of the beets. Sweet potatoes are a bit tricky to pull from the soil as they grow down vertically and hang on tight. The kids carefully excavated the soil around each clump and then gently pried them loose, careful not to snap them too...
Posted on Sunday, October 13, 2019
When one is planting a garden from seed, there is a host of information on each seed packet. Days to germination, days to maturity, nutrition needs, ideal soil temperature and amount of needed daily sunlight. When growing mushrooms, there are guides for the various varieties. What species of tree is the best host, amount of watering and shade, but the timing of harvest is often unknown. Students at the Manhattan Country School Farm have been growing edible mushrooms for five years. They’ve...
Posted on Sunday, September 15, 2019
The anticipation of a new school year is, after a lifetime in education, a familiar combination of great excitement and a few nerves. Summer passes fast and there is never enough time for the things I want to do like reading, being in the company of people who challenge my thinking and spending time in the Adirondacks without internet or cellphone. Time is almost up as summer rolls into fall and I write this letter for the last time as director of MCS. For one more year, I know I’ll be back...


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