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Young MCS Alumna Returns to the 4-5s Classroom!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Anya Luna-Leibowits ‘14 has joined Manhattan Country School’s 4-5’s class as a volunteer classroom assistant during her breaks from Sarah Lawrence. Anya is in her first-year of college and majors in psychology. While commuting daily from the heart of New York to Westchester County, Anya has contemplated a career in child psychology and early childhood education. Sarah Leibowits, a 20+ year master teacher at MCS, and Anya’s mother, has inspired Anya’s dream of becoming an educator.

Sarah also gives practical work experience and sage wisdom throughout Anya’s externship.

Anya enjoys observing the 4-5s and holding lively conversations with each student. She has been impressed by the independence every 4-5 demonstrates. She remarked her most memorable moment has been witnessing the class’s vast knowledge of babies and families during the beginning of the annual Baby Study earlier this month. Anya was also moved by the introduction of equality and civil rights through literacy and interesting class discussions. As an MCS graduate, Anya knows activism is a core curriculum piece that will follow the 4-5s throughout their years in Lower and Upper School.

Sarah has been thrilled with Anya’s hands-on nature, observational skills, and deep inquiries into early childhood behavior and believes her daughter - well prepared as an alumna - will continue to make strides as a young progressive educator. Manhattan Country School’s 4-5’s program sets itself apart from traditional daycares and nursery schools by integrating an elementary school curriculum both through play and critical thinking. At MCS the 4-5s are a group of responsible young children who are expected to follow in the footsteps of their older peers. The MCS Lower School mixed-age group model developmentally engages every student with experiences that will lead to more exciting adventures in the 5-6s!