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Upper School Printmaking and Experiential Learning

Upper School Printmaking and Experiential Learning

Friday, January 25, 2019

During the seventh and eighth grade printing elective, upper school students are familiarized with the process of freeform printmaking with Manhattan Country School art teacher, Janice. During the first module of three, Print Elective students make their own stamps out of recycled materials then hand print their own design on cardstock with a maximum of 3 colors – all curated as a visually harmonic series.

Seventh and eighth grade students have been offered a visual arts-based elective for years, but the 2018-2019 school year welcomes a new printmaking course. Janice remarked that she wanted students to try their hand at something new by freely experimenting with recyclable materials.

Rollers and stamps are created with repurposed styrofoam, then after three sessions block printing with soluble water-based ink is introduced. Thematically, all cards will have a unified theme and artist signature.