6-7s Building Study: Progressive Education

Upper School Assembly: Curriculum Share

Upper School Assembly: Curriculum Share

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Our Upper School Assembly on Thursday, October 25, 2018, began with an afternoon of bilingual singing and continued with an ode to the art of student creativity. Hosted by the Student Council, highlights include:

Philadelphia Trip

The 6th grade took a trip to Philadelphia, PA and presented on their experiences. The class, taught by Tiffani, briefly discussed the historic sites of freedom, liberty and governance in the City of Brotherly Love.

Belief Essays

7th and 8th grade students relayed passionate sentiments in their Upper School belief essays. Topics ranged from the Restricted Priority process and economic class influence in zoned schools to meditation and it’s influence on greater thankfulness.

Yoga Elective

The Yoga and Creative Expression elective entails writing, drawing, poetry and yoga. Expression is reflected in story, collage and word association. A live yoga demonstration and a painted autumn landscape were featured.

Artifacts and Identity

Upper School students were tasked with choosing an artifact that represented their culture. A bag of Mexican chili papers and a Nigerian beaded necklace with an elephant tooth were displayed and briefly discussed.

Catskills Youth Climate Summit

The Catskills Youth Climate Summit was held in Forest Valley, NY at the Forest Valley YMCA. The two-day conference focused on group projects that furthered sustainability in practical ways like a DIY solar phone charger and using recycled shipping pallets to make desks and beds. The second half of the conference revolved around drafting action plans for schools to increase environmental responsibility.

Quilting Elective

Using felting needles, the Quilting elective with Lo created a quilt with several unique patches to reflect the diverse personality of the class. Patches included a unicorn, turtle, and Christmas Tree.

Zine Elective
The Zine Elective produces small, desktop-published magazines designed by individual students or groups within the elective. Presented zines included a zine about fonts from names to calligraphy, pairings, and experimental names and shapes. The second zine presented was the Gleek Zine, a guide to “then-and-now” pictures of actors from the popular TV show, Glee.

Summer Homework

Over the Summer Upper School students were asked to explore different aspects of foundational math and mathematical history. Their assignment was to explain their findings in a short video. An animated probability video with dice and coins and a micro-doc about the Fibonacci Series, also known as the “Gold Sequence” were shown.

Dancing Elective

Earlier in the week the Dancing Elective performed a flash mob to Beyoncé’s “End of Time.” The routine was entirely choreographed by the troupe; they held an encore performance during the assembly and received an uproarious applause.

Activism Elective

The Activism Elective has had thoughtful debates on many hot-button issues including DACA recipients/Dreamers, gun law, immigration, police brutality and sexual harassment in colleges, schools, and the work place.

Rocking the Boat

The 7th and 8th visited Rocking the Boat located on the Bronx River and presented a narration and musical photo montage of the trip. Founded by MCS alumni, Rocking the Boat featured plenty of aquatic encounters with schools of fish, snapping turtles and colonies of mussels.