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Thanksgiving Assembly 2019: A Change in the Program

Thanksgiving Assembly 2019: A Change in the Program

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Manhattan Country School's Thanksgiving Assembly will be held on Wednesday, November 26, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. 

Unfortunately, the time that we have been anticipating as MCS grew has arrived. The school is large enough now that assemblies for the whole school, including families, is beyond what is safe in the gym. We scoured the neighborhood for a bigger location and have not been able to find a space to accommodate our community the day before Thanksgiving. We have since been on the lookout for locations for the Winter and Closing Assemblies that can accommodate our community. We are still looking for a space for the Closing Assembly, but a location for the Winter Assembly has been chosen!

The Winter Assembly will be held at Redeemer Presbyterian Church West Side located at 150 West 83rd street. 

While we are not able to safely accommodate family members in the gym for the Thanksgiving Assembly, we will live stream the event on Facebook Live so you can enjoy the assembly offsite. We will also post footage and photos after the assembly. Sharing songs makes up most of our assembly programs. Thanksgiving, Winter, MLK and the Closing Assemblies all include small tributes to our mission. At the Thanksgiving assembly, we enjoy hearing what children are thankful for, what they are learning about that gives meaning to the complex history of the celebration and feeling the convictions that come from being in a diverse community in constant dialogue about fairness, justice, love, beauty and peace. 

Be sure to stop by the Thanksgiving Bake Sale at pick-up after the assembly. The annual sale will include homemade pies, breads and other treats. Proceeds support the seventh- and eighth-graders' ski trips while at the Farm. 

If you have any questions about this change in program, please contact the communications manager, Ryann Supple.