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Tertulia Showcases Lower School Spanish Curriculum

Tertulia Showcases Lower School Spanish Curriculum

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lower School tertulia

On Friday, May 5, Manhattan Country School held its annual Lower School Tertulia. A tertulia is a gathering of people united by a common interest. Our tertulia brought together students, faculty and staff, and families around a common focus on the Spanish language. Through songs, poetry, art, games and examples of activism, the students highlighted some of what they have learned this year working with Lower School Spanish Teacher MariaTere Tapias Avery.

Tertulia Highlights

Los 4-5s Se Visitan

The 4-5s sang “Los 4-5s Se Visitan,” inspired by their home visits curriculum.

Movimiento en el Yunque

The 7-8s sang “Movimiento en el Yunque.”

(The week following the Lower School Tertulia, a trio of 7-8s could be heard singing this song while they worked on their wood shop projects. This is just one example of how students incorporate what they’ve learned in Spanish into their everyday work and play.)

Cuida el Agua

The 6-7s sang “Cuida el Agua,” an adaptation of a song written by musician and educator Bernardo Palombo.

As part of this curriculum, the students created a book of illustrations to accompany the lyrics.

Las Arpilleras

The 9-10s shared the arpilleras they created, and offered the following explanation of this curriculum in English and in Spanish.


Arpilleras in Chile and MCS | Las Arpilleras en Chile y MCS

In the 9-10s we learned about the history of arpilleras in Chile.

En los 9-10s aprendimos la historia de las arpilleras en Chile.


Arpilleras are newspapers on cloth.

Las arpilleras son periódicos en tela.


In Chile, women created arpilleras to show the world what was happening in their country.

Mujeres cocieron arpilleras para mostrar lo que pasaba en su país.


They also protested and marched at night.

Tambien habían protestas y marchas por la noche.


At MCS, we are all activists.

En MCS, todos somos activistas.


Our arpilleras show how we create a better world!

¡Como creamos un mundo mejor!