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Expanding Purpose Contributors*

Brian and Dina Abell
Debo P. Adegbile '80 and Susan Haskell
Alan Altschuler and Donna Katzin
Daniel Altschuler '96
Michael and RoseMarie D. Arons
Jason Arroyo '94 and Catarina Campbell
Susan and Eric Arroyo
The Barnard School Foundation
Amy Bauman and Glenn Hinson
Sarah Beck and Wojtek Uzdelewicz
Herman Bennett and Jennifer Morgan
Mogolodi and Hope Bond
Renée Campbell '95 and Ryon Campbell
Caroline and Laurie Cotter
Eliza and Timothy Earle
Julie Einziger Sternberg '83 and David Sternberg
Roxanne Elings and Thomas Haynie
Jessica Fisher
Winston Fisher
Eileen and Vincent FitzPatrick
Damon Gambuto '87 and Ana Schechter
Carlos A. Garcia '80 and Lucinda Eng-Garcia
Lois Gelernt 
Erika A. Gibson '86
Caitlin Glass '00 and Mike Glass
David Greenberg and Sarit Golub
Grace W. Harvey
Chiara Barile-Hay and David Hay
Akemi Kochiyama '85 and Marc Sardinha
Bator Kovacs '73 and Karen Kovacs
Rachael and Marshall Levine
Deborah Levy and Jayne Jordan
Milla Lozanova '00
Chris McAninch and Allison Adler
Samson Mebrahtu and Misale Lulu
Helen Mills and Gary Tannenbaum
Nic Møller and Birte Møller-Jensen
Ragnar Naess
Robert and Francine Neu
Mark Ozer and Ava Huang
Constance W. Packard 
Michael and Katie Patterson
Ronald and Judith Perera
Sharon Phillips and Edwin Lee
Liam Pleven '79 and Kristin Morse
Michael and Sally Pope
Frank and Jinx Roosevelt
Magdalena Sawicka and Marcin Sawicki
James Schamus and Nancy Kricorian
James T. Sealy
Wendy Sealey and Ines Veronica Gonzalez
Daphne Solá
Michèle Solá and Adrian Bennett
Donald Sussman
The Tianaderrah Foundation
Gus and Marty Trowbridge
Stephen Trowbridge '74 and Lisa Trowbridge
Genni Tucker '01 and Stephen Tucker
David and Lynn Wax
Daniel and Tatiana Wechsler
Charles and Louise Weed
Olumide Wilkey and Erika Dilday
Elaine F. Yaniv
Perri Yaniv '96