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The Impact of Your Support

The Impact of Your Support

When you contribute to the MCS Fund you help to sustain our program, our mission and our steadfast commitment to an equitable tuition program that fosters broad racial, cultural and economic diversity.

Your support of the MCS Fund impacts the following areas:


DiversityThe Manhattan Country School community is a purposeful model of racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity and the varied backgrounds of our students are an essential part of our culture. Our sliding-scale tuition program stems from the principle that a family’s financial commitment should be in equitable proportion to its financial resources and moves beyond the concept of financial aid.

Your donation to the MCS Fund supports:

  • A sliding-scale tuition policy that makes it possible for families to pay tuition based on their means, which is a critical component of our mission and underwrites the rich diversity of our community.
  • A deliberate curriculum that takes full advantage of the multiracial, multicultural and economic diversity of the school. Diversity provides the basis for exploring multiple perspectives throughout the curriculum.
  • MCS as a model for other schools seeking information about our tuition program as part of their own efforts to further diversity in mission-consistent and sustainable ways. Founders and board members of schools across the United States, as well as economists and policymakers, continue to seek guidance and engage MCS as a thought leader in this area.

Progressive Education and Teacher Training

Progressive Education and Teacher TrainingManhattan Country School embraces teacher training as an important part of our public mission and our approach to progressive education, both in New York City and at the MCS Farm. We host student teachers from Bank Street College of Education, Teachers College, Sarah Lawrence College, City College and other teacher-training institutions. In addition, we strongly believe in developing our own teachers professionally through participation in conferences, workshops and an international teacher exchange program to facilitate educational dialogue.

Your donation to the MCS Fund helps our teachers to:

  • Develop a richer academic program for our students.
  • Lead professional development workshops and host conferences on MCS’ approach to education. MCS was chosen to host the 2015 Progressive Education Network conference due to our legacy of developing curriculum that addresses diversity, sustainability, social justice and partnerships with public schools.
  • Train student teachers to design and teach innovative curriculum rooted in principles of progressive education, multiculturalism and social justice. Student and assistant teachers who train at MCS gain unique experiences and go on to work at public, charter and independent schools.

Farm-Based Education and Sustainability

Farm-Based Education and SustainabilityWe dedicate a significant portion of our curriculum to educating children about their connection to the natural world and the importance of being environmental stewards. Through activities in the classroom and at the MCS Farm, students gain awareness of the interconnectedness of the MCS community and the impact of the school on the earth.

Your donation to the MCS Fund helps MCS to:

  • Teach students invaluable lessons about community and interdependence, nature, and the sustainable production of food, energy and fiber.
  • Model sustainable living and learning through composting in the rooftop garden, school-wide recycling, solar panels at the MCS Farm and using farm produce and meat for lunches.
  • Support our teachers through continual professional development as they re-envision curricular pieces with sustainable principles in mind.
  • Build partnerships with mission-driven organizations such as the Green Schools Alliance, Catskill Watershed Project, GrowNYC and others.

Social Justice and Activism

Activism & Social JusticeManhattan Country School teaches students not only to know about the world, but also to play an active role in making it better. Students are cultivated to be agents of change who bring passion, perspective and intellect to solve problems within their school community and beyond.

Your donation to the Annual Fund supports:

  • Our students as they discover their voices, stand up for their beliefs and work together to create change.
  • Engaged citizenship among students who are aware and act upon the inequities they see in the world by engaging students early in the concepts of social justice and activism.
  • Community involvement beginning in the younger grades as students discuss the value of work and workers by studying their roles of people in their community.
  • Leadership training for eighth-graders as they organize the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative March and deliver public speeches on current civil rights issues