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Stuffies and Statistics: Using Home-Based Counting as Data Collection in the 6-7's

Friday, November 16, 2018

This week Laura and Callie's 6-7's math unit entails multiple ways to collect and analyze data. To gain an initial data pool, the 6-7's had a homework assignment to count all of the windows, doors, pillows and stuffed animals in their homes.

6-7's could show their numerical findings with numbers, pictures or tally marks. Through this "stuffie-counting project" the 6-7's are learning to use raw data to draw larger, objective conclusions that can ultimately be supported by numbers.

6-7 students were excited to show the number of stuffed animals they have at home, with their original estimation of stuffies around one hundred; one student was half-way there with a stuffie collection of 50.

By using prediction versus collection, the 6-7's are beginning to use systemized analysis to record their findings. Venn Diagrams, bar graphs, surveys and other visually engaging charts will be used to display their at-home inventory. Lower school assignments based in data collection set them on a lifetime of statistical literacy.

Happy counting 6-7's!