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Stop Pollution and Join the Green Revolution with the Upper School Activism Committee

Stop Pollution and Join the Green Revolution with the Upper School Activism Committee

Saturday, June 8, 2019

This year’s the activism committee, made up of seventh and eighth grade students, decided after several debates and a voting process to focus on habitat destruction. After initial investigations into ways our fossil fuel-based economy destroys habitats, including plastics and pipelines, discussions turned to the term “Green New Deal." The students saw this proposal as being inclusive enough to contain many sub-topics, as a solution that addresses the needs of diverse people, and being pushed to the forefront of the nation’s attention by young activists.

The Green New Deal is a proposed economic stimulus package that aims to address climate change and economic inequality. The plan seeks to take the transformation of our energy sector as an opportunity to create a society that is more just, equal, free, and democratic. The students looked at different aspects of the Green New Deal proposal and broke it down into three main parts: decarbonizing the economy, guaranteeing good jobs, and insuring a just transition. Throughout the year, students in the activism committee have sought out ways to have their voices heard in support of the Green New Deal. Earlier in the year, guest speakers from the Sunrise Movement, a group of young people who make climate change a priority, spoke with students about the Green New Deal and the year-long plan for the organization. Students also attended the Climate Strike and Sunrise Movement Rally in NYC this spring and have written letters to local papers to voice their concerns on climate change. 

Recently students in the activism committee have begun to encourage the MCS community to get involved in the cause. They presented on the Green New Deal at an Upper School assembly last month and shared ways to take action. They also shared their campaign with MCS’ younger students this week. They prepared lessons, led conversations about different types of activism, and helped children write letters to their elected representatives. Students from the 7th and 8th grades also presented their activism project to parents at the End-of-Year Parent Thank You Reception earlier this week and invited them to write letters to their representatives to make their voices heard as well.

You can join the cause. Fill out a letter template here and activism students will mail it for you!