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Standing Room Only for First P.C. Meeting of the Year

Standing Room Only for First P.C. Meeting of the Year

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The MCS Parent Council is off to a blazing start! We want to thank all of the parents who stepped up and agreed to serve as Class Reps. Thank you for your service. Parent Council meetings take place on the first Thursday of every month. Everyone is welcome. We work to preserve time at the end of each meeting for open discussion. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, you may share them with your class reps or bring them to our monthly meetings.

We will work to keep you informed as well. After each meeting we will share our notes here so you can keep up with what we're discussing if work (or life) keeps you from joining our meetings. Also, for new families: the "Parent Association" is the entire parent body. The "Parent Council" are the class reps.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2018-2019 school year.

Parents' Council Meeting Notes, September 13, 2018

1.     Annual Fund and Admissions

a.     Monica Amaro, Admissions Director

i.          Monica requested that parents help out with admissions by participating in events such as school fairs, MCS tours, nursery school exmissions events, and by helping with the MCS Admissions booth/stand at Farm Festival.  

ii.          She reminded everyone that tomorrow morning is the New Parent Breakfast/Orientation to which parent reps are invited; the breakfast begins at 8:45 and introductions will begin at about 9:10. UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who could make it!

iii.          Parent reps, particularly in doubled grades, should think about working together on grade-wide family events (mixers, potlucks, etc.) and ways to build community.

b.     Nancy Hsu, MCS Fund and Special Events Coordinator

i.    Nancy introduced the MCS Fund, which supports unrestricted operating expenses. We have a goal of 100% parent participation by the end of the fiscal year (June 30th). There is a Giving Tuesday match (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), and Nancy asked that parent reps remind their classes that if their employers offer matching funds, that often has to be specified before the end of the year-- MCS Fund emails will start going out in December, and that’s something to keep in mind.

ii.    Farm Festival Raffle tickets should be going out by next Tuesday.

2.     Introductions

Sarah’s Class: Nadiya Kapur and Kyessa Moore
Paulo’s Class: Unique Brathwaite and Brook Kelly

Lalena’s Class: Shadi Nahvi and Maria Chelko​. 
Anna’s Class: Di Quon and Vanessa Potkin

Laura’s Class: Regina Kohler and Chuck Wooldridge​
Reese’s Class: TBA and Daniela Markowicz

Nicole’s Class: Suzy Burgarelli and Kimani Fowlin​
Max and Rosalinda’s Class: Andrew Page and Barnaby Kendall

Cosi’s Class: Ana Blohm and Monica Varsanyi​
Jessica’s Class: Dan Charnas and Molly Johnson

9-10s: Jen Samet and Adam Reich

5th Grade: Jolle Greenleaf and Kristin Morse

6th Grade: Judy Pryor-Ramirez and Ivana Salander

7th Grade: Jen Samet

8th Grade: Julia Solomon and Lynn Wax

PA Co-Presidents: Stacy Parker Le Melle and Dena Verhoff

3.     Class Jobs

At least one parent from every family is expected to participate in (a) their class job and (b) Farm Festival. Many of these events will not work without broad parent volunteer assistance. Class reps are not expected to take the lead on organizing Farm Festival/Farm Outing Day.

4-5s: Volunteer for Farm Festival Games, Crafts, and Rides shifts

5-6s: Help fill Farm Festival afternoon shifts (including clean-up)

6-7s: Farm Festival

7-8s: June Staff Appreciation Breakfast

8-9s: Serve Post-MLK March Snacks at MCS

9-10s: Support Farm Outing Day

5th Grade: Farm Outing Day

6th Grade: Host the MCS Fund Thank-You Reception

7th Grade: Support 8th Grade Graduation

8th Grade: Organize Class Gift  

4.     Parent Council Business

We outlined a two-part vision of the Parent Council’s role:


We see the Parent Council as the conduit for disseminating information, compliments, and concerns to and from the administration, as well as within the parent body. Nuestra Semana is the primary vehicle for MCS-to-parent communication. Class reps should remind their classes to refer to Nuestra Semana for up-to-date information.

Channels of Engagement is the parent Google group. Please note that it is neither affiliated with nor monitored by MCS/the administration. We’ve traditionally used this for activism-related communication, and it can be opened wider to include anything the community would like to post. Would you like to join? Information will be sent out separately this month.

Last year we began a Parents’ Blackboard Facebook page, to amplify the voices of parents in our community. Parents who join are invited to share work they’re presenting/they find of interest, events they think other parents would like to know about, and any/all other parenting-related posts (searches for childcare, clothing to hand down, etc.). Please invite your class to join.   


Parent-Led Forums: The three Parent-Led Forums that took place last year were a PA initiative. If there’s interest, we can do this again this year (it seems like there is interest). We’ll be sending out a Request for Proposals to the parent body, and then the parent community will vote on which we move forward with. We’ll discuss this more at the October meeting.

Farm-Me-Down: We would like to organize a clothing swap/meet where parents can bring in farm-ready clothing they no longer have use for and can hand it down or swap it up.

Sports Committee: Chuk Obasi and Nikki Berryman are the co-chairs of the Sports Committee, which arose out of interest from the Parent Council last year. The Committee will support and amplify MCS Sports teams and events. Please contact Chuk and/or Nikki if you’re interested.


5.     Upcoming Events

Thursday 10/4, 8:45am: Parent Council meeting

Thursday, 10/4, 6pm: Curriculum Night (gym; no babysitting)/8th grade high school meeting


6.     Comments/Concerns

a.     For the time being, if you’re looking for dates farther out than what is provided in Nuestra Semana, check the paper calendar that was mailed home to you. We’re working on getting that calendar uploaded and synced with the Google calendar on the website. UPDATE: Ellen has uploaded the calendar to the website (so parents can download the pdf).

b.     The MCS bus is up and running! We heard a good report about service from a present parent rep--but there’s room for many more kids. If you need pick-up and drop-off (the bus leaves at 3 to drop off), you can still sign your child up! You can pick and choose morning/afternoon/days of the week. Chawon  Williams sent an email with details of the stops and how to register. If you can’t find it, let us know or email Chawon at cwilliams@manhattancountryschool.org.