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Spring 2017 Updates From the MCS Farm

Spring 2017 Updates From the MCS Farm

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Maple SyrupI want to share some early spring news from the MCS Farm. The Farm produced 23 gallons of maple syrup this season! It was a fickle winter with warm thaws and bitter colds that made the already challenging production of maple syrup a bit more challenging.

Our sheep gave birth to 15 lambs. We’ll keep some to replenish our flock to supply fleece. The remaining will be sold for meat in our local Roxbury community and through an auction at Big Night Out!

ChickensWe raised 25 egg-laying chickens and 25 chickens for meat. The egg layers were introduced to our flock and will take the place of chickens that are no longer producing. The meat birds are being raised to provide chicken for a special event this May at MCS.

The tomatoes we grew in the greenhouse, under grow lights this winter are now bearing fruit. We’ve been eating delicious cherry tomatoes sparingly and are waiting for the larger salad tomatoes to ripen.

BasilThe Farm’s greenhouse produced lettuce and basil all winter and is now full of seedlings that will be transplanted to the large gardens as the weather and soil warms. Our tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, onions and cucumber plants are all thriving. Some of our potatoes were planted directly in the garden beds this week.

The MCS Farm recently hosted the fourth grade class from Bronx Community Charter School, founded by Sasha Wilson, a 1984 graduate of MCS. In the past few weeks, we also hosted fourth-graders from Little Red Schoolhouse and third-graders from Collegiate School.