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Sixth-Graders Foster Friendships with Roxbury Students on the Slopes

Thursday, January 28, 2016

This week the MCS sixth-graders visiting the MCS Farm had a day of snow tubing at nearby Ski Plattekill with their former penpals from Roxbury Central School. 

The tubes flew down a well-groomed track, bumping along at an exhilarating pace. The cold wind and flakes of snow roared past the students’ faces, as the kids let out yelps of delight and excitement. (Fear? Surely not…) The tube and its wildly spinning crew hurtled downhill for several hundred yards until they reached the steep uphill runout that slowed them down, slid them back and returned them to the base of the lift for another run.

These kids were pen pals throughout the 9-10s school year. On the spring trip that year, they met each other and spent one day at the Farm and one day at RCS. Then the Roxbury kids went to MCS in June to see the school, go to a museum and have a potluck dinner. We have been inviting the RCS sixth-graders to join the MCS sixth-grade class for snow tubing for many years. It’s an occasion to see the people they met as pen pals two years ago, to renew old friendships and see how everyone has grown and changed.

We all had lunch together in the lodge. RCS parents provided hot chocolate and snacks before we came back to the Farm.

A few comments overheard from the students about tubing:

“It was awesome!”

“It was incredible!”

“I loved it!”

“I loved going so fast!”

The two classes also enjoyed sliding using their snowsuits on the hill by the lodge. They had a lot of fun doing that. The simple things in life…just snow and gravity.