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School-to-Farm Supper to Support MCS' Farm-Based Public Education Program

School-to-Farm Supper to Support MCS' Farm-Based Public Education Program

Friday, January 25, 2019

Please join us on Thursday, February 28 at 6:30 p.m. for a mid-winter feast to support Manhattan Country School's longstanding farm-based education program for public school students and educators in the Catskills and in New York City. Purchase your ticket today.

Manhattan Country School’s 180-acre teaching farm has benefited more than 7,400 public school students and teachers for more than four decades. To increase our impact, we are expanding the MCS Farm in the Catskills and building a rooftop farm at our school in New York City.

During MCS Farm trips, students tend the gardens; care for the chickens, cows, pigs and sheep; learn to weave; prepare zero-mile meals; explore fields, mountains and streams; and study traditional and contemporary life in the surrounding area. In addition, students learn the value of interdependence by preparing meals together and sharing the chores and daily responsibilities of managing a farm as a community.

The evening will feature a Mid-Winter Feast to include:
MCS Farm Braised Lamb 
Wild rice with roasted mushrooms
Roasted root vegetables
Tender greens with pear, blue cheese, candied pepitas & balsamic vinegar
Bitter winter greens with citrus and shaved fennel
Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles (three ways/three flavors)
Apple Tarts with Puff Pastry
Blood Orange Pound Cakes

Festive winter cocktail and wine

School-to-Farm Supper Host Committee
Ibrahim Abdul-Matin
Fatima Ashraf
Anne Detjen
Jessica Fisher, Chair
Amanda Hallowell
Roxanne Leff​
Gisele Shorter ’91, Chair
Julie Strong
Jody Watermeyer
Leslie Watkins-Cain
Manhattan Country School's Board of Trustees
Alan Altschuler
Michael Arons
Sarah Woodward Beck
Mogolodi Bond
Shani Brignolle
Leslie Watkins Cain
Ricky Castillo ’92
Caroline Cotter
Roxanne Elings
Harris Friess ’98
Erika Gibson ’86
Ian Johnston
Bator Kovacs ’73
Roxanne Leff
Reese Mason
Roger Mintz
Kahli Mootoo
Ragnar Naess
Alexander Papachristou
Michael Patterson
Sharon Phillips
Liam Pleven ’79
Marcin Sawicki
Carla Shedd
Gisele Shorter ’91, Chair
Michèle Solá
Gus Trowbridge* Founder, Lifetime Trustee
Stephen Trowbridge ’74
Andrew Weinstein
Olumide Wilkey
Advisory Council
Debo Adegbile ’80
Alan Altschuler
Amy Bauman
Sarah Woodward Beck
Mogolodi Bond
Roxanne Elings, Co-Chair
Winston Fisher, Co-Chair
Carlos Garcia ’80
Milla Lozanova ’00
Helen Mills
Michael Patterson
Frank Roosevelt
Gisele Shorter ’91, Chair
Dan Wechsler

The evening will also include presentations by MCS Farm Director John McDaniel, a recognized leader and frequent speaker on farm-based education, and Maida Galvez, MD, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health and Founding Director of the New York State Children’s Environmental Health Center.

Reflecting the vision of the Civil Rights Movement, Manhattan Country School teaches students in a community with no racial majority and broad economic diversity. Our goals for students are academic excellence, intellectual freedom, social awareness, self-confidence and first-hand knowledge of the natural world.