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A Progressive Curriculum

A Progressive Curriculum

At Manhattan Country School, our way of thinking about children and learning draws upon a rich history of progressive educational philosophy. Our commitment to equality and social justice is at the center of our curriculum, which supports the values of a working democracy: interdependence, self-reliance, free inquiry and a respect for differences.

We follow a developmental approach that nurtures all parts of the child—intellectual, artistic, physical, social and emotional. Children play, explore, listen, ask questions and make meaning from their experiences. They learn to understand and respect multiple perspectives and to seek evidence and think critically before coming to conclusions. 

Progressive education at MCS is distinctive because of the following three elements of our mission: 

  • The MCS Farm Spending a total of 17 weeks at the MCS Farm cultivates a sense of place and shared responsibility.
  • Diverse Community Growing up in a truly diverse community includes many people’s stories as part of each child’s experience, while fostering compassion and a strong sense of identity. 
  • Social Justice and Activism Engaging students regularly in social activism gives them the confidence and voice to be members of society who strive to effect positive change.



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