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TechnologyTeaching with technology is distinctive at Manhattan Country School because teachers use technology as a means to an end, rather than teaching the technology itself. Each year they implement new strategies to integrate technology into the curriculum. Beginning in the 8-9s, students have access to computers, laptops, and tablets, which they use for writing, internet research, blogging, presentations, videos, web design, graphic design, photography and to archive their work. They go regularly to the computer lab to practice skills and to work on projects developed jointly by classroom teachers and the educational technologist.

Seminars enable older students to produce a newspaper, conduct scientific and historical research, build websites or complete multimedia projects. Students also discuss the ethical and safe use of technology. They learn to think critically while using the internet so they can identify bias and interpret media messages. Teachers use technology to present information in creative, interactive ways. Each year, they implement new strategies to integrate technology into the classroom.