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MathAt the heart of our math studies is the development of competent mathematical thinkers. Manhattan Country School students develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills bolstered by mastery of math facts. Math is integrated into daily classroom life and includes the study of math in real-life situations. For younger students, patterns, charts and games introduce mathematical concepts and symbols. Manipulative materials enable children to illustrate relationships concretely and to solve and explain questions with understanding. As students progress through their math studies, they revisit and build upon concepts introduced in earlier age groups. With the completion of algebra, our students leave MCS equipped with the comprehension of mathematical concepts, knowledge of standard algorithms and the ability to apply them. 

The integrated nature of the curriculum supports the study of math in real-life situations. For example, students in the 8-9s practice multiplication and counting change while running the school store, La Tienda, as their class job. In the older grades, students might analyze an aspect of a situation from current events using mathematics as a lens. We strive to make mathematical work relevant, meaningful, and engaging.