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Piatigorsky Foundation Artists Share Their Love of Music with 4-5s Through 7-8s

Piatigorsky Foundation Artists Share Their Love of Music with 4-5s Through 7-8s

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The 4-5s through 7-8s were treated to a classical music recital this past Wednesday. Two superb musicians—Evan Drachman, cello and Doris Stevenson, piano—performed pieces by Brahms and Chopin for our youngest students. The children were enthralled by the beautiful music and afterwards asked thoughtful questions of the performers, including “How old is your cello?” (293 years old!) and “How long have you been playing music together?” (About forty years ago, when Evan was a child, Doris was his first accompanist.)

Manhattan Country School is fortunate, again this year, to be the recipient of a Stiefel grant that makes it possible for musicians to present recitals here. The grant comes through the Piatigorsky Foundation, an organization that presents concerts in New York in a continued effort to increase awareness and appreciation of classical music.

Evan Drachman established The Piatigorsky Foundation in 1990 in honor of his grandfather, the beloved cellist Gregor Piatigorsky. Piatigorsky deeply believed in the healing and inspirational power of classical music. He once said, “Music makes life better. Music is a necessity. It is rich. It is imaginative. It is magnificent. And it is for everyone.” The Piatigorsky Foundation is committed to carrying on Piatigorsky’s mission by evoking cultural curiosity through educational and accessible live performances.

Students at Manhattan Country School are fortunate to be included in the Foundation’s outreach program. Thank you to our musicians, Evan Drachman and Doris Stevenson!