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Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2018-2019 Issue 15

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2018-2019 Issue 15

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Photo of the Week

Party time! MCS parents at Big Night Out! 2018

Big Night Out!, Manhattan Country School’s annual spring benefit, will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019. The event features the Living the Dream Mentor Award ceremony, dinner, dancing and an online auction. Revenue from BNO! helps MCS raise the $2 million needed to sustain its sliding-scale tuition program each year. To learn more, visit our event page. Read more
The MCS Parents' Association
invites you to "The Actual Dance" A Parent-Led Forum
Performed by MCS Parent Chuk Obasi
Directed by MCS Parent Kimani Fowlin Wednesday, April 17
6:30-8:00 p.m. Read more
On Monday, April 1, immediately following Spring Break, the fifth graders headed to the Manhattan Country School Farm for one week. On Tuesday night, Fifth Grade teacher Dan Rubins sent the following update – in verse –  to parents. Enjoy! Read more
The model and systems of our student-run, Manhattan Country School Farm is kind of a relay. A different class arrives each week to take the baton from the class from the previous week. Most of the time, the classes don’t physically cross paths due to one class departing on Friday and the next arriving on Monday. This week our two 8-9’s actually crossed on Wednesday. Read more
The new subject and logo for the 2018-2019 upper school activism project was recently unveiled. STOP pollution, start the GREEN revolution! You can stay up-to-date with their progress by following @MCS_Activism on Instagram and the MCS Activism Blog. Read more
Some changes have been made regarding childcare for evening and weekend events at Manhattan Country School. In order for us to safely provide childcare for MCS evening and weekend events, we ask that you adhere to the following set of guidelines. Read more
City Camp is Manhattan Country School's summer program for MCS students in the 4-5s through 9-10s, including new Lower School students joining the school in the fall. During City Camp, students broaden their MCS experience by being immersed in fun and engaging activities aligned with the school’s mission and values. Read more