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6-7s Building Study: Progressive Education

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2018-2019 Issue 13

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2018-2019 Issue 13

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2018-2019 Issue 13

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Photo of the Week

Parents, staff, alumni, trustees and friends gathered on February 28
for the School-to-Farm Supper to Support MCS' Farm-Based Public Education Program.

On February 28, Manhattan Country School hosted its first School-to-Farm Supper in support of our long-standing farm-based education program in the Catskills that benefits students and educators from public and independent schools in New York City and upstate. Thanks to the vision of the School-to-Farm Supper Host Committee, the gym was transformed into a magical, candle-lit dining room. Read more
Throughout the year, students at MCS have been discussing the 13 Principles of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement. Authored by members of the curriculum committee of Black Lives Matter At School Movement, including our own Laleña Garcia (5-6s Sur head teacher), these principles spell out the tenets of the BLM movement in age-appropriate language for both early elementary and middle school-aged children. During the week of February 4th, our community participated in the national Black Lives Matter At School Week of Action. Schools in over fifty cities across the country took part in this and Manhattan Country School is proud to be one of them. Read more
If you spotted any ancient deities in the building on Friday, March 1st, your eyes were not deceiving you! The Fifth Grade celebrated the conclusion of their study of Ancient Sumer with a Gods Party: the attendants included a couple of healing goddesses, twin guardians of the Underworld, the immortal mother of  the demigod Gilgamesh, and many more! In addition to preparing to introduce themselves to their fellow all-powerful party guests, the students wrote research essays about aspects of ancient Sumerian life. Read more
In 2018, MCS parent Ibrahim Abdul-Matin accompanied his father, step-mother, and sister on the epic journey of Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca - a religious obligation for all Muslims who can make the trip. Ibrahim will speak about his experience of the journey with the MCS community and share some of the secrets of the most diverse and largest gathering of human beings on the planet. The presentation, taking place in the MCS gym, will include storytelling, images, and poetry. Refreshments will be served. Read more
Some changes have been made regarding childcare for evening and weekend events at Manhattan Country School. In order for us to safely provide childcare for MCS evening and weekend events, we ask that you adhere to the following set of guidelines. Read more
Every other year, Manhattan Country School hosts visiting days for grandparents and special friends of students. This year, we only sent electronic invitations. If you submitted email addresses for your child’s special guests, they should have received an e-invitation a few weeks ago. If you haven't already, would you kindly: Read more
City Camp is Manhattan Country School's summer program for MCS students in the 4-5s through 9-10s, including new Lower School students joining the school in the fall. During City Camp, students broaden their MCS experience by being immersed in fun and engaging activities aligned with the school’s mission and values. Read more
The New York International Children's Film Festival 2019 is in full swing and there are two more weekends to go! Screenings are selling out quickly so buy your tickets now to catch the best new films for ages 3-18 and contribute $3 per ticket for MCS with every ticket you purchase. The New York Times said it best: “A cinematic celebration for kids that is about as far away from a kiddie event as you can imagine ... with 15 features, 75 short films, an animators’ panel, discussions with directors and a determination to show the world in all its fascinating multiplicity." Read more
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Spring Break Survey. Manhattan Country School will continue to have a two-week break in March, rather than one week in February and one week in April. Two-thirds of respondents, including current families and staff, expressed a preference for the one longer break.  Read more
Manhattan Country School follows the NYC Department of Education guidelines for school closures due to bad weather or hazardous conditions. If MCS has a weather-related delay, early dismissal or closure, families of students will be notified in the following ways: Read more
In the event of heavy rain or snow, Manhattan Country School will implement the following student dismissal plan: Read more
Now that our Community is deep into the winter weather and all the various health ailments that may come along with that, I wanted to send out a review of the MCS health policy. Reporting Illness: Read more

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"Freedom or peace doesn’t go for just one day or two. It goes for many days… it will go until everyone has freedom and peace." - MCS Student

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