Manhattan Country School will continue MCS En Casa, our distance learning program, for the remainder of the school year.
6-7s Building Study: Progressive Education

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2017-2018 Issue 1

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2017-2018 Issue 1

Nuestra Semana en MCS: Manhattan Country School Parent Newsletter

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2017-2018 Issue 1

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Photo of the Week 

7th & 8th Grade Team Building

Students in the Seventh and Eighth Grade Sur homeroom participate in a team-building, problem-solving activity on the first day of school. The challenge? Pass a hula hoop around the entire circle without unlinking hands.

MCS Director Michele Sola greets students on first day of school
The excitement was palpable Thursday morning as students arrived at Manhattan Country School for the first day of the school year. MCS Director Michèle Sola and George Popovic, building maintenance and greeter extraordinaire, welcomed both children and their grown ups with hugs and high fives as they entered the front door. On the second-floor landing and in the gym friends reunited, sharing hugs and stories about how they spent their summer vacation. Read more
Manhattan Country School Director Michele Sola
Dear Manhattan Country School Community, The summer of 2017 is almost in the rearview mirror. The 2017-2018 school year at Manhattan Country School starts soon, and I can’t wait. Never has a summer put a school, its mission and program, and the diverse community we build together in such sharp relief. Read more
Hanging African masks in stairway
During the summer break, a few Manhattan Country School parents were hard at work sprucing up our home on West 85th Street. Julie Strong (Imani, 6-7s) and Jody Perlberger (Syrus, 6-7s) partnered to give some life to our building’s bare walls. Read more
Manhattan Country School Farm Festival
Manhattan Country School's beloved annual community and fundraising event, Farm Festival, is coming up on Saturday, October 21 from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. It is organized and staffed by MCS parents and features games and rides, arts and crafts, delicious food, fresh produce, baked goods, a raffle and an online auction. Revenue from the event supports our school's sliding-scale tuition program that enables all MCS families to educate their children as equal members of an economically, racially and culturally diverse community.  Read more

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminder

As you get back into your daily drop-off and pick-up routines, we ask that you remember the following at arrival and dismissal from school and Afterschool:

  • Leave a free passage on the sidewalk in front of the school
  • Pull your car up to the curb
  • Turn off your engine
  • Do not double park or block the street

Thank you for helping make this daily routine a smooth process for our school community and our neighbors on West 85th Street.

What's for Lunch?

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Three Things We're Talking About This Week

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