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6-7s Building Study: Progressive Education

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2016-2017 Issue 3

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2016-2017 Issue 3

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2016-2017 Issue 3

Friday, September 30, 2016

Photo of the Week


Students in 5-6s Sur practice the word toca with Maria-Tere during Spanish on Wednesday.

Farm Festival Raffle Tracker
The annual Farm Festival raffle is an important fundraising effort for Manhattan Country School. All proceeds support the school’s sliding-scale tuition program. Each MCS family is asked to sell a minimum of 10 raffle ticket books either in person or by sharing the link to purchase tickets online. This year’s raffle features the following prizes: $1,500 cash DJI Phantom Advanced Drone Go-Pro Hero Camera $100 Book Culture Gift Card Read more
7th & 8th Graders at the Farm
The kitchen at the Manhattan Country School Farm is central to our farm-based education program. Without meals, cooked from scratch by our students, all other work and play couldn’t happen. Without the well-balanced menu that is created and prepared throughout the day, our Farm community would be running on empty. Read more
John McDaniel, MCS Farm Director
Thursday’s Curriculum Night opened with an MCS Farm-focused community meeting. Parents gathered in the gym to hear a presentation from MCS Farm Director John McDaniel titled “MCS Farm: Teaching to the Future Without Losing Sight of the Past.” Read more
Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Norte engaged in a hands-on examination of the Bronx River with Rocking the Boat this week. While working together to row wooden Whitehall 14s,  students spied schools of fish, colonies of mussels and barnacles, and great blue herons. In addition, they examined several environmental restoration projects including oyster colonies and eel mops. Students and teachers also donned waders to seine for fish and crabs before identifying their catch using a dichotomous key. Read more

What's for Lunch?

Check out next week's lunch menu.

Three Things We're Talking About This Week

  • This weekend's World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science.
  • The Atlantic's article about Alison Gopnik’s latest book, which makes a compelling case that parents should get out of the way of children’s natural drive to learn through play and observation of the world.
  •'s article about the role of extended family in building your child's confidence and growth.

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