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6-7s Building Study: Progressive Education

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2016-2017 Issue 27

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2016-2017 Issue 27

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2016-2017 Issue 27

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Photo of the Week

7-8s students perform "Sasha," a Russian folk song, during Wednesday's SingAlong. 

Lower School tertulia
On Friday, May 5, Manhattan Country School held its annual Lower School Tertulia. A tertulia is a gathering of people united by a common interest. Our tertulia brought together students, faculty and staff, and families around a common focus on the Spanish language. Through songs, poetry, art, games and examples of activism, the students highlighted some of what they have learned this year working with Lower School Spanish Teacher MariaTere Tapias Avery. Read more
2017 SingAlong
The 4-5s through 7-8s shared songs and dances from around the world with their families at the annual SingAlong Wednesday, May 17. The theme, "Celebrating Diverse Cultures," brought together songs and dances from 15 musical traditions. Read more
Community Activism Meeting
Tuesday night, Manhattan Country School's seventh- and eighth-graders hosted a community event to share their activism campaign: Divest from corporate greed, invest in the future we need. Students shared details about guest speakers, trips, protests, and curriculum on climate change, environmental justice and other related issues. Read more
Join us in celebrating
Manhattan Country School's
50th Anniversary. Read more
2016 Social Justice Data Fair
Manhattan Country School's annual Spring Concert and Social Justice Data Fair will take place on Thursday, June 1. Read more
Beltway Galloway and calf
The MCS Farm’s Belted Galloway cow, Oreo, gave birth to a bull calf on Sunday, May 7. A Belted Galloway is considered a heritage breed of cattle, as it has stayed true to its genetics, has been raised in the United States since before 1925 and is or has been endangered, according to The Livestock Conservancy. Belted Galloways, with their distinct broad white belt that encircles the body, originated in southwest Scotland and are known to be efficient foragers, producers of high quality beef and exhibitors of strong maternal instincts. Oreo has been quite protective of her son, Carpaccio, who the 9-10s had the honor of naming during their spring farm trip this week. Read more
Gus and Marty Trowbridge
Founders' Day at Manhattan Country School is Friday, May 26. We honor Gus and Marty Trowbridge and their commitment to creating a school with a progressive academic program steeped in experiential learning and a steadfast commitment to diversity and equity.  Read more
Manhattan Country School’s Farm Outing Day, a community picnic for MCS families (including new families joining the school in the fall), alumni and friends at our 180-acre farm in the Catskill Mountains, will be held on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Read more
Children's Clothing
Manhattan Country School will be holding a gently used children's spring/summer clothing swap at Farm Outing Day, June 17. Read more

Get Your Activism Shirts

Activism TshirtSupport this year's seventh- and eighth-grade activism project by buying a t-shirt for $10 or a hoodie for $25. The shirts feature the activism campaign logo and slogan: "Divest from corporate greed, invest in the future we need." To order, complete the order form and return it to Flannery Denny by Friday, May 26.





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