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Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2016-2017, Issue 1

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2016-2017, Issue 1

Nuestra Semana en MCS: 2016-2017, Issue 1

Friday, September 16, 2016

Photo of the Week

Manhattan Country School Kicks Off 50th Anniversary Celebration

At the annual first day of school picnic on Tuesday, Manhattan Country School Director Michèle Solá cuts a special cake, marking the start of our year-long 50th anniversary celebration. 

Michele Sola, MCS Director
Dear MCS Community, The work and the fun have started again. We begin a new chapter in Manhattan Country School history, celebrating our 50th anniversary with a sense of hope and promise that our mission has as much relevance as ever. Nurturing a community dedicated to diversity, social justice, progressive education and sustainability is a collective undertaking and from this point forward more families will help it thrive in a new home. Read more
First Day at Manhattan Country School
On Tuesday, families began to gather in front of Manhattan Country School a little bit earlier than usual. It wasn’t a typical first day of school—it was the first day of school in a new building. Three months had passed since MCS closed its doors on East 96th Street and children and grown-ups alike were eager to see their new school home. Upper School students navigated through the chatting crowds of Lower School kids and parents gathered on the sidewalk. As they reached the front door they stopped to give George a welcome-back hug, handshake or high five. Crossing the building’s threshold for the first time, they found something familiar Read more
New Manhattan Country School Website
Manhattan Country School is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Timed to coordinate with our move into our new home on the Upper West Side and the kick-off of our 50th anniversary, the new site offers a clean, contemporary look while honoring and showcasing our long-standing commitment to progressive education, social justice, diversity, sustainability and community. Read more
We hope you will join us on Thursday, September 22 for our Welcome Back Parents' Reception, Opening Parents' Association Meeting and Building Tour. Here is the schedule: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.: Reception 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.: Opening Parents' Association Meeting and Building Tour Read more
Manhattan Country School Welcomes New Families
Manhattan Country School is excited to welcome 65 new students this year. The school held a breakfast reception Friday morning to welcome their families and provide an opportunity for them to meet MCS faculty and staff and fellow new families. Read more
Thank you for your patience as we get settled into our new home. We are happy to announce that our lunch program will resume on Monday, September 19. Please visit the MCS website for next week's lunch menu. Read more

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