Audiences Cheer for Eighth-Grade Play

Andres David Lopez
We heard audiences laugh and cheer at performances of this year's eighth-grade play. We saw a few tears.
“I think performing means trying something new even though you're really terrified,” Rhea said.
The challenge of putting on this year’s play seemed big just like it might seem big for next year’s eighth graders, she said, but MCS students come together and get projects done.
“Even though it seems like you're not going to finish it, you're going to finish it,” Rhea said. “And it's going to feel amazing afterwards.”

Working with students since March, Emily, our writer, director, and choreographer, started the process by getting to know her actors.

“That's how I choose their roles based on who they are as people,” Emily said last week. “I try to get them as close to the role they're playing as possible personality-wise.”

This is her third year directing the eighth-grade play.

“We're almost done with all the choreography, so that's great,” she said. “Most of them have all their lines memorized … We don't have a lot of time and we have a lot to do. So, it's a bit stressful, but it always comes together.”
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