Seventh Graders Share Autobiographies

Andres David Lopez
Our seventh graders shared excerpts from their autobiographies today, some chapters about their passions, others slices of their lives. They showcased a wide variety of subjects, themes, and styles.

Tom published his latest novel last month, a process that took about two and a half years. So, when he explains to students the importance of revisions, that’s also something that he takes very seriously in his own work.

“We talk about showing versus telling a lot with them, and the idea that oftentimes writing that's really evocative is writing that doesn't just summarize, but really zooms in on key moments and uses really vivid language,” Tom said.

“It's about combining specific events and strong figurative language and emotional insights together to create these really compelling, honest stories.”

He complimented our seventh graders for pushing themselves to write in a way that felt authentic to them.

“I'm really interested in compelling, complicated characters and stories,” Tom said. “So, in my own work, I think that's what I'm always trying to think about, what makes a story feel messy and true and complicated, but also beautifully written.”
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