Parents and Caregivers Participate in Math Investigation

Andres David Lopez
At caregiver math night yesterday, we worked through an investigation designed by Anya for our sixth graders. Inspired on a farm trip, she spoke with our staff there and came up with the farm-based investigation to help students practice using ratios and tables.

Alongside Andrew, Anya spoke about productive struggle and independence. Different strategies can be used to arrive at the right answer, and students learn through investigations which strategies are the most efficient.

Andrew spoke about social-emotional learning, the use of language around math, and how caregivers can be healthy role models through positive reframing of their own associations with the subject.

“How you talk about math and how you talk about learning really, really impacts how your kids see themselves,” Andrew said.

“The more we talk about math, the less scary it seems,” Anya said today. “So, I invite people to ask questions and to engage in conversation … It was a great turnout and people had great questions.”
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