Sarah Leibowits, 7-8s Head Teacher

Sarah who currently teaches in the 7-8s, perviously taught the 4-5s for many years at MCS. In February 2022, Sarah was a guest on the podcast, WHEREING, where she discussed the importance of the Home Visits curriculum in the 4-5s.

WHEREING, with Nina Freedman, is for anyone with a story, memory, or dream about a connection or
disconnection with their spaces or objects. It is for anyone that tries to understand ‘what is home’
and how we equally impact the spaces that impact us. We design as we are designed.

"Imagine a radical school curriculum where 4 and 5 year old children, are required to visit the homes of every student in the class," Nina writes. "I speak with Sarah Leibowits, a Lower School educator at the Manhattan Country School in New York, who has taken her class on  these very home visits for 20 years. Established as a 'private school with a public mission’,  lessons at the school from kindergarten through 8th grade are built on the celebration of unique difference.

Listen to the episode here. 

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