MCS 8th Graders Explore Careers on Mentoring Day

By Stephanie Pilla, Institutional Giving, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Manager
On April 1, Manhattan Country School's 8th graders took part in Mentoring Day. This annual event connects our graduating students with MCS community members, including alumni, current/former parents, and friends. The goal of Mentoring Day is to provide an opportunity for the students to meet professionals in the work world while exploring personal interests and engaging in hands-on experience. Mentoring Day also offers mentors an opportunity to share their knowledge.

This year, students spent the morning with several current parents, teachers and alumni exploring fields ranging from the restaurant industry to midwifery.

Several current parents served as mentors, including Andrew Watermeyer, owner of the construction company Creo Projects, and Jody Watermeyer, owner of Perl Floral Design and Interior Renovations (along with Andrew's brother Rowley who is an architect); Tanya Wills, a midwife who had her mentee join her morning appointments with several expectant mothers; Renita Croney Powell, a media arts scholar at the New School who took her mentees on a comprehensive tour of the department; Jonathan Cohen, partner at 8th Street Wine Cellar who had the kids crafting mocktails(!); and Marcin Sawicki, a software developer. Three alumni also participated:  Associate Editor & Op-Ed Columnist, Los Angeles Times Nicholas Goldberg '72; artistic director/dancer Steven Melendez '01; and theater performer, director and writer Justy Kosek '06 who took his mentee on a private tour of the Lincoln Center Library of the Performing Arts. Two 8th graders spent the morning shadowing and helping 5-6s head teachers Anna Sobel and Winnie Chan.

If you are interested in serving as mentor in the future, please email Stephanie Pilla.
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