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Championship Week at MCS

By Jermaine Lloyd, Lower School Movement and Upper School Sports
It was a week of competition, camaraderie and close calls! After missing out on the 2020-2021 JV seasons, the MCS 6th graders were hungry for the team sports experience. This Fall season, we were able to figure out how to make it happen with an all 6th grade Intramural Soccer League and a Cross Country Meet; both held in Central Park.
Four soccer teams of 7 to 8 players each were created for 6 vs. 6 match-ups throughout September and October. The level of anticipation, excitement, and physicality could only be overshadowed by the amount of cheers and tears shared twice a week on the playing field. What a Season! Playoffs began this past Tuesday which led off with the Blue team overpowering the Green team with 2 early goals as the Red and Yellow teams ended in a tie (1-1). The tie-breaker turned into overtime which was then finally decided by penalty kicks (1 – 0) allowing the Red team to advance to the Finals where the Blue team anxiously waited. The Season concluded with the Green team finishing in 3rd place with a close win in the consolation game while the Blue team finished 2nd due to the Red team squeaking out a 1 point lead to win the Championship.
The Cross Country experience began with weekly sessions of dynamic warm ups and runner’s gait & stride development designed to challenge and raise everyone’s endurance, conditioning, and confidence level. As the weeks went on, our student-athletes grew very fond of running and a thirst for a cross-country meet was born. Thanks to some parent and MCS staff volunteers who stood sentry at various checkpoints around the Central Park Reservoir, we were able to facilitate a safe and successful meet.
We anticipate a safe and competitive Winter season of basketball and hope that spectators will be allowed.

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